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Painting services in Melton Victoria

Welcome to our website for Melton Painters. We offer painting services in Melton or areas nearby and are Melbourne painters.
We pride ourselves in having valuable knowledge, work ethic, and experience about all there is to know about painting, and with that, provide our expertise to get the job done to the best of its quality. The painting utility we perform are high quality, whether that be interior wall painting, exterior painting, colour consulting, coatings, finishes and many other utilities.  Being local Melbourne painters  we are committed to know and understand the people more which allows us to provide the experience that other companies may not provide. We pride ourselves as a painting company Melbourne specialising in both commercial and residential painting projects and help you connect with a painter for your house. We are a local business and have affordable pricing.


We serve the Melbourne and Western Melbourne cities and suburbs.

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Exterior painting

Sealing and refinishing

Timber and fence painting

Interior painting

Services we provide

Here at Melton Painters we have many people that work with us, all with long term experience of all that comes to painting whether residential or commercial, we can do all jobs and be sure to meet your expectations in terms of both quality and work ethic.  Because of this, it is certain that we can continue to work far into the future and be here for when you need us most. We show up to work and give our best Melbourne painting service.

Colour forms the looks and feel of your home, the role it provides can be game changing and painting is one of the direct and easiest ways of creating the desired atmosphere and aesthetic elements when it comes to your home. Simply changing the colour of the room paint and interior can create differences in mood or even space and dimensions, and with our experts who do this day in and day out will know the best paint and best colours that will suit your desired expectations of a room or exterior, that also suits the current trends, or if you prefer, a refresh of your favourite colour that just needs touching up to retain its former looks, our professional home painters will guide and advise with you. Not only does this increase the visual factor of any property but also the value of the property when it comes time to sell. For many new building projects we also provide painting for brick houses.

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Thinking about doing it yourself? Why hire a professional? 


Any painting job whether it be commercial or residential may be enticing to save money by doing it yourself, however with that small amount saved by not hiring a professional painter, you are risking the quality, safety and most importantly time when you decide to take on a timely project such as painting by yourself.

It is more than often that property and homeowners call us to fix their costly DIY mistakes that could have simply been avoided with just a call to our pros.  
Hiring a professional, like commercial painting companies in Melbourne, to do it all for you is in fact much more beneficial when all things come into account when it comes to getting something painted, firstly and the largest benefit is the time that is saved in doing so, your busy daily schedule will not need to be compromised, allowing you time to relax, spend your time doing something else and take your mind off the job, whilst everything is taken care of by the us. 
The high calibre workmanship is needed to give you that wanted face-lift your house deserves with the highest success and lowest risks in doing so. Painters residential or commercial know their trade through and through, being all knowing about the tiny details that homeowners may be unaware of, all that’s included in the painting project, things like special coatings, steps to take to protect the surroundings from paint, how many coats to be applied which only years of training and doing the job will instinctively allow them to achieve these things in the fastest times possible. 

Increase the value of your property today

Save time, energy and money

Our experts are equipped with the best tools for the job, with knowledgeable understanding of what equipment they need for the job, you do not need to spend any of your money on required tools. We will come prepared to do the job with everything we need with the correct brushes, rollers, sprayers, drop sheets, painting applicators and safety equipment that is required do the job as fast and efficiently as possible without compromises.  If you need painter for house please contact us right away.

When it comes down to the safety of the job, it is undeniable that painting can involve hazards and risks that you may or may not know, the job no matter the size may come with both physical and chemical dangers such as using ladders to access high areas of the building or the use of certain solvents and equipment that require specialised care and caution when in use. Without the proper knowledge of different variety in paint and the allergens and fumes that can come with the misuse of these products it is strongly advised that you hire someone credible and knows what they are doing, so that you, and others around you do not have to face such safety issues and risk serious health problems.

Rest can be assured when it comes to quality, as major advantage of using our professional services is the knowledge when it comes to the materials and products that are best suited for the task at hand without the need to do the extensive research if you were to undertake this in a DIY manner. We will help you decide the best colours that compliment your rooms. We are professional commercial painters in Melbourne who have many years of experience under us. 

In conjunction to this we have the eye for detail, taking our detailing to a perfectionist level, our paint contractors are all about results, keen on delivering the results that you want, and also have the ability to fix up problems that may not be noticed by you and by our painting company Melbourne , also specialise in new brick homes. 

We take a great level of care in our work, again the result is what matters in the end, we never rush to get the job done ensuring excellence, and assuring this that you our client are satisfied with the results. As commercial painters, who do live and breathe the job

We uphold our reputation as a local business who is willing to pay the utmost attention to achieving the best possible outcome for painting whether it be rooms, exteriors, offices and from experience and common sense details such as the smoothness and proper protection for your property for many years to come.

Our vision: We uphold the quality of our work. Increase the value of your property.

Whether it be your home, company building, or any property that you decide needs some paint, We Melton painters strongly encourage us to do the work not only to ensure satisfaction of looks and product, but to make sure that any issues such as rotting, structural defects or degradation is properly looked at accessed( whether something needs to be fixed before painting) to save you from the hidden costs of problems that will cause you to lose

money and value in the future. 

As commercial painters we value your time and are willing to listen to our clients , especially if you need a painter for a brick house , we will be available. 

This is important if your goal is not only improving the visual aspect of your property but also the value when it comes to resales, as lots of value can be lost due to the unnoticed quality that only professionals such as Melbourne painters have an eye for. The quality and expertise in the trade greatly outweigh the cost, and the decision to hire us is in the results that Melton painters delivers, being able to complete the job in the fastest time-frame whilst maintaining that same excellence in quality that we are known for providing.

Price: We will work with you in deciding what is the best in terms of customers budgets and type of painting job. Don’t be afraid if you have any questions just call us!


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